What is United Change?


United Change aims to be a charitable International Organization which encapsulates the ideals of equity & equality. With the tools of Political Universalism, Global Governance and Geo-Centralism, it aims to re-create, re-define, re-design and re-invent International Relations.


United Change is centred around some key values. Universal Transparency, Universal Harmony, Universal Honesty, Universal Integration, plus much more. United Change will try to transcend national barriers and create a truly international political philosophy.


Imagine if there was an overarching Organization that was well designed and created with the sole purpose of ending strife, poverty, inequality and inequity world-wide?


Imagine if we could fully appreciate and realize the dreams & ideals of our forefathers and mothers in Universal politics such as Martin Luther King Jnr., Mahatma Gandhi, and John F Kennedy?


Imagine an organization not so caught up in the politics of today, but set in creating a comprehensive agenda, for tomorrow?





Designed by Vinny Munbodh, Founder of United Change

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