About the Founder, Mr Vinny Munbodh


United Change was founded in 2015, by me, Vinny Munbodh. Currently I am reading a Masters in International Relations, at Middlesex University, scheduled to graduate in May this year.


In 2002, I attended Bath University to read Politics with Economics at Undergraduate Level. After this time, I helped my father with his company, JM Communications as a Business Development Executive. I then went on to find similar roles in the Technical and Telecoms sector up until 2013.


In January 2015, I decided to start my own Political Project, namely United Change. This was born out of the sharp rise of the political temperature of world affairs and the lack of a peace-driven world agenda. During that year I also started to help the Labour Party and specifically Jeremy Corbyn gain the Leadership of the Party together with 'Team Corbyn'. The success of Jeremy Corbyn meant that Team Corbyn soon grew into becoming Momentum, and I am honoured to say that I was present at its conceptual stage.


I hope you have found the United Change Website useful and informative. Thank you for your time in visiting United Change.


In solidarity.


Onwards & Forwards,


Vinny Munbodh

Founder of United Change




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